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At AdGraphics, we have combined technology and décor to serve us in a healthy way. You can now order antimicrobial coated panels that make coated surfaces resistant to microbial growth.

Suggested applications: cruise ships, hospitals, schools, elevators, gyms, restaurants, bars, stadium/arenas, parks and recreation facilities, churches, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Our patented antimicrobial and anti-graffiti formulations also come with the most amazing finishes for your projects.

AdGraphics’ high-definition printing process is specifically designed to withstand years of exposure. We combined scratch-resistance and durability with the depth and color vibrancy of multi-layer imaging. Now you can do so much more with our multipurpose panels. How does it work?

AdGraphics’ can Transform any Signage and Décor Where Cleanliness and Hygiene are Important!

Antimicrobial Bathroom Graphic Panels

Bathroom Panels

Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and mold. Our antimicrobial panels are also the perfect solution!

Antimicrobial Backsplash Panels

Backsplash Panels

Kitchen sink areas are especially vulnerable to germs, bacteria and mold. Wherever there is food and water, there are microbial pests.

Antimicrobial Interior Design Panels

Interior Design Panels

AdGraphics can enlarge and print any image onto our sublimation panels to match any design décor, with many finishing options.

Antimicrobial Floor Panels

Floor & Wall Panels

Our floor and wall sublimation panels can be printed to match or enhance any office or work environment where bacteria gather!

Environmental Protection

Now you can transform any surface into an antimicrobial barrier, giving peace of mind to you and your family’s health, and the health of your customers. Special additives make the surface of these panels resistant to microbial growth. On a normal surface microbes and bacteria can easily settle and proliferate, but on objects and surfaces with this coating the bacterial growth is neutralized thanks to its special formulation. How does it work?

Product Features

Our Sublimation Panels have been tested by an independent Japanese laboratory to simulate a ten-year period of exposure, and the antimicrobial shield has proven to be fully effective, maintaining a 99.9% microbial reduction at the end of the test period.

Our panels are now certified to be antimicrobial efficacy against the two main kinds of bacteria (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) over a ten-year exposure simulation, fully retaining its efficiency at the end of the test. How does it work?

Virus Microbes

Anti-graffiti and Scratch Resistant Sublimation Panels

Graffiti Restroom
All of our sublimation panels come with anti-graffiti and scratch resistant surface, it’s virtually indestructible!

Classroom Anti-Virus Desk Shields

classroom desk shields

Student Guards are an all-plastic corrugated framed barrier that is ideal for school desktops and educational institutions. Student Guards are completely sanitizable and available in 2 different sizes. They can be customized with your logo and graphics.

classroom desk shields
Desk Shield Dimensions
2 sizes available
Desk Shield Graphics
School logos and graphics are optional