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Lighted Cabinet Sign

Digital Print Backlits & Flex Faces

AdGraphics is a 3M Certified Graphics Manufacturer of quality 3M Scotchcal™ Translucent vinyl flex-faces, 3M Scotchprint™ digitally printed adhesive faces, and direct-print 3M Panaflex™ faces. Don’t be fooled by the other backlit sign companies out there. Only AdGraphics offers our 3M double-print backlit film for rich bright colors. Regular single-print signs might look okay during the day, but when they’re lit up at night, the graphics look faded or washed-out. That’s because backlit signs need 2 coats or layers of ink to achieve that rich deep color. Our backlits signs are SUPER VIBRANT COLOR, day and night! 3M Scotchprint is the best choice for gradient type graphics and images.

Translucent Backlits, Flex Faces & Decorated Sign Faces

AdGraphics is an approved fabricator of quality heat transfer and decorated flexible faces by 3M Scotchcal™. Flexible face signs are the preferred choice for corporate sign programs, and one-time sign applications for backlit signs. They are less likely to be damaged in high winds, easier to install and less expensive than acrylic face signs.

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Backlit Sign South Florida

Backlit Pole Sign

Pole sign has 3M PMS translucent colors applied 2nd surface on Lexan Polycarbonate substrate.

Decorated Sign

Decorated signs use solid PMS 3M translucent adhesive vinyl colors, applied to 3M Panaflex substrate.

Direct-Print Back Lit

Sign face is digitally printed on back side of acrylic (2nd surface), for super-gloss look. 3M inks, 3M laminate with 3M MCS warranty.

Lighted Flex-Face

Monument sign face has PMS colors using 3M translucent vinyl, heat transferred onto 3M Panaflex substrate, 3M warranty.

No Size Limits!

Light Box Sign
Light Box Fabrication

There are no limits to size or shape of our sign cabinets. We can build any sign cabinet to your specifications, one-sided or two-sided.

Our illuminated sign cabinets are fabricated on premises by our own sign technicians using the highest quality materials and electrical components.

Decorated Faces Sign Production

Back Lit Sign Fabrication

AdGraphics’ production techs have many years experience in all types of sign manufacturing. Quality sign production requires special knowledge and skill to produce long lasting and beautiful sign graphics. There’s no shortcut to quality or a good reputation!

Back Lit Sign Manufacturing

What ever your sign project consist of, you can rest assured your signs will be produced using our high quality materials and standards for optimum exposure to your customers and maximum durability.