High Resolution Dye-Sublimation Printing

Framed Pictures

Sublimation printing is an ideal digital alternative that offers multiple-color printing, photographic imagery and personalized printing possibilities. Also known as “dye- sub” and “dye sublimation print”, sublimation printing is a flexible digital printing method that helps textile designers with creativity and production output.

The sublimation printing process is performed by transferring the sublimation dyes to a medium which has a specially designed inkjet printer. After transferring the dye to the medium, they are then transferred to a heated substrate or fabric and pressurized through a commercial heat press.

Dye Sublimation Print
Hanging Pictures

Dye-Sublimation is Lightweight Textile for Signs

Dye Sublimation Tradeshow Booth

Trade Show Booths

Products change quickly and so do trade show booths. These dye-sub, easy to assemble, fabric displays are so easy to setup and move. The printed graphics can also be reprinted easily for a brand new look!

Dye Sublimation Tradeshow Booth Header

Trade Show Headers

AdGraphics uses the most sustainable materials on the market for our dye sublimation printing projects. Our displays prove that you don’t need to look green to be green, and you don’t need to spend more either.

Dye Sub Table Skirt

Table Skirt

Our dye-sub table skirts are the perfect finishing touch to any display no matter where you’re presenting it. Trade shows, schools, job fairs, fundraisers, stores, caterers, and sports teams, and they are reusable!

Dye Sublimation Tradeshow Backdrop

Self-Standing Backdrops

AdGraphics’ dye-sub printing process can produce exhibition-style self-standing fabric graphics with our free-standing walls, banners and backdrops. We can produce any size, any style for all applications!

Free-Standing Dye Sublimation Logo Backdrops

Custom Printed Backdrop

AdGraphics can print any image at high resolution and mount them on an unlimited variety of free-standing, background displays or hanging shape displays. They are great for any environment; showroom, office, retail store, store windows, etc.