Convert PMS Colors to CMYK

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AdGraphics prints only digital “4-Color Process” inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK), We do not print PMS colors. However, we can match most PMS colors using a combination of CMYK colors. Some PMS colors cannot be matched exactly using CMYK. If you have a particular color you need to match, we can print you a CMYK swatch PROOF for comparison.

Our color chart is a handy guide to help you find the closest CMYK color to match the PMS color you want to print. Simply compare your PMS color to the chart, then sample the closest color to acquire the CMYK formula.


Download our free Color Chart (PDF Format – 316K)

AdGraphics can also send you our 54″x 40″ color chart printed on our most popular material. It’s great to mount on your wall for instant color conversions.

Wall Color Chart

Note: ALL computer monitors and printers are calibrated differently, therefore they ALL look and print differently. This chart is ONLY a guide to help you find a CMYK comparison to PMS color. It is NOT an exact rendition of what AdGraphics will print. Even though they may have the same formula, computer screen colors look vastly different than printed colors.

Please request a printed “SWATCH PROOF” for colors that need to match your logo, branding or design colors.

Wall chart printed on 3M high-performance vinyl — $99 (free shipping)