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Floor Graphics with 3M Quality and 3M Warranty!

Choose 3M Scotchprint™ Floor Minders™ for conspicuous floor visuals. These colorful graphics produce a powerful impact that really pops. Tests have shown a 66% recall rate of this innovative advertising, and more than a 25% increase in total awareness for the featured products.

floor graphic

Video: Gym floor school logo installation.

3M Scotchprint Graphics

Floor graphics are easy to apply and remove, and are backed by 3M™ “Slip Resistant Warranty”. Let us help you increase sales with floor graphics for product launches, special events, sales promotions, seasonal offers, in store displays, etc.

Tile Floor Decals

Floor Decals

Watch where you’re going? Exactly why floor graphics are a great way to grab customer’s attention while they’re browsing.

Floor Wrap

Floor Coverings

Wood or marble floor your fancy? No worries! We can simulate any floor surface with our slip-resistant 3M floor wraps.

Floor Signs

Floor Signs

No matter what the floor surface is, our vinyl will cover it. Everything from grout to cement, our 3M signs will stick to it!

Gymnasium Decals

Gymnasium Decals

Our gym floor decals are the toughest players on the court; produced from 3M’s finest vinyl, designed to last for years. Watch installation video.

Sidewalk Decals

This graphic was digitally printed then outline cut on our digital die cutter. 3M™ Sidewalk Graphics are made of a heavy-duty, slip resistant, durable and versatile vinyl that can be used in countless ways to communicate messages with unmatched style and impact.

Floor graphics are designed to hold up under the heaviest foot traffic — easy to apply and easy to remove. Our exterior sidewalk street version graphics are the toughest! They leave surfaces completely unharmed, and have a 6 month 3M warranty.