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LED billboard displays have stormed the countryside. Even though the printed flex face banner billboards are still common, they seem like ancient technology in today’s fast paced digital world. LED billboards offer much greater flexibility than conventional billboards.

High brightness and high resolution LED billboards have transformed into the perfect indoor/outdoor display media. Not only are electronic billboards bright color, but they also have many advantages. They can display literally anything you see on your computer, TV or smartphone. Changing a sign message is as easy as a click of the mouse, rather than sending out a crew to pull down and replace a billboard message.

Granted electronic billboards are much more expensive than their printed counterpart, but electronic signs are beginning to infiltrate the highways and byways of our landscape. They are far better at invading our conscience than the printed flex-face can.

Digital billboards are the new normal, the new generation in signage. AdGraphics is pioneering this new sign technology just like we did back in 1990 when large format printing began. We became the leaders in the digital printing media, and we are now the forerunners of this exciting new industry!

LED Billboard

Our full color LED billboards are the most eye-catching and versatile signs available. You can display realistic graphics, run gorgeous animations and motion graphics, display video, even stream live video.

LED Monument Sign

The ability to change your LED sign’s message often, tells your community and customers that your company is active. They look forward to seeing your sign and your latest post everyday.

LED Pole Sign

All businesses that install an LED sign, see an immediate increase in their inquiries and volume of business. This is especially true if their products and services are displayed on their LED sign.

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LED displays will draw attention to your business. Why? Because you’ve made it memorable, and people know exactly where you are, and where to go when they need your products or services.

LED Highway Billboards

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Electronic billboards and signs are the brightest way to display your company logo and message; they’re the new look of prominence. Digital signs can be fabricated to any size, and you can change your message instantly!