Adhesive Back or Non-Adhesive Back

We have many textures of DreamScape adhesive and non-adhesive vinyls to suit your particular decor. These are just a few of our most common simulated plaster surfaces. We can print your beautiful image on any of these textures. We can also add adhesive to the back if needed.

Our collection of textured-embossed vinyl media is perfect for applications such as indoor signage, murals and wall coverings. Derived from rigorous specifications in the wall covering industry, our materials are designed to stand up in high traffic areas and are engineered for ease of installation and remove-ability. Application is the same process as wallpaper. This 20 oz. weighted material is non-adhesive and rated for CFFA TYPE II durability. It also passes most critical smoke & flame criteria for interior use. Click on any thumbnail for a closeup view.

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textured wall paper

Caviar has a medium stipple texture for a smooth look, reducing glare and providing good image detail. Closeup


This texture is a reproduction of painters canvas, commonly used for reproducing digitally printed works of art. Closeup


This texture is a reproduction of fine Cabretta leather. The surface gives a look similar to calfskin. Closeup

textured vinyl

This texture has a look similar to corduroy. It is most commonly used to give a natural fabric appearance. Closeup

simulated plaster

Is a strongly textured crinkled finish that simulates the look of old parchment, with good print detail. Closeup

textured vinyl

Is a flat smooth finish, suitable for photographic and detailed images, for crisp, sharp edged designs. Closeup

textured vinyl

Monet is designed as a wall covering with a woven fabric texture that adds a painterly look to photos and images. Closeup

textured vinyl

Described as “light cobweb”, it has the look of hand painted brush strokes, suitable surface for almost any image. Closeup

textured vinyl print
Pebble Sand

Pebble Sand has a deep texture with a bumpy ridged surface. This surface lends itself more to coarse design. Closeup

textured vinyl print

The embossing effect looks like pique textile fabric. It’s a popular pattern for clothing and garment images. Closeup

textured vinyl
Plaster Stucco

This embossing allows you to give the impression that your artwork was painted directly onto a Stucco wall. Closeup

textured vinyl

This embossing is a heavier stipple (compared to suede), with the look and feel of to heavy sand paper. Closeup

texture printed vinyl

Spunsilk is a fine art product with a thin fabric face, designed to produce a unique effect in continuous areas. Closeup

textured vinyl

This is similar to suede fabric with its nap and texture, having a light stipple surface. Good for most projects. Closeup

texture printed paper

The surface replicates the look of utilitarian canvas. The woven texture has a fabric-like appearance. Closeup

simulated plaster

A smooth surface with a semi-gloss finish for fine detail and strong color saturation. Excellent for photographs. Closeup

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