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Large and Wide Format Printing

AdGraphics is a MATRIX FRAME dealer. Our fabric frames and stands are revolutionizing the printed display market. Our frames hold eye-catching textile banners that are much more convenient to ship, store and swap out than traditional prints. Each lightweight aluminum frame is engineered for flexibility and longevity. Easily assembled, yet able to display countless banners over it’s lifetime.

There is a textile frame for every application! Our product line caters to all types of spaces, including home, office, trade show and retail stores. Call us,we’ll help you expand your space! High quality lightweight aluminum construction ▾

picture frame
round displays

Quick-Change Lightweight Textile Banners & Signs

room separator

Showroom Dividers

Products change quickly and so do our graphics. These easy to hang, light weight partitions are so easy to hang and move. The print graphic can also be changed just as easily in just a few minutes.

portable room dividers

Rolling Wall Partitions

You can change the dynamics of any room in seconds, by displaying and moving the graphics you want in the room. Our printed fabric, portable partitions are fully mobile, and can set the mood you want!

hanging dividers

Hanging Fabric Banners

Our lightweight ceiling banner panels are easily hung from anywhere in your store using simple hardware. They can display your newest products. They’re also a great way to conceal things from customers.

self standing partitions

Self-Standing Partitions

Convert any space into multiple stations with our free-standing walls. Have a new product? Not a problem, just switch out the old fabric banner and you’re display becomes virtually brand new in seconds!

Illuminated and Non-illuminated Free-Standing Room Dividers

lighted room dividers

AdGraphics can print any image and mount it on our free-standing or hanging lighted room dividers. They can blend into any environment; showroom, office, retail store, store windows, etc. They can be made to any size you want, flat or round. Our banner frame displays can be fabricated to fit any room. Our LED lighted frames are incredibly bright and illuminate uniformly across the entire print

led frame fixture